Virginity, Watch and Read

Graciously hosted by Ink Overflow, this poem found a home on this stage.


I’m a doll.


from all I’ve known.

I don’t think I’m anything, Not Anymore. In one instant you stole what I didn’t think could go.


I didn’t ask to be bought or sold.

But I picked the prince who was really a frog,

No, Toad.


Falling in love with the idea of  forever.

I had taken from me what could be returned,


While his blood flowed, hot and fast

Throbbing thrusts grabbed the warmth

out my heart.


Stabbed my naivety, serves it right!

For letting me think I had strength

and might.

He was stronger.


I was a little girl, on a stage,

putting on a brave face.

But he didn’t see the child in me,

only cleavage and lace.

So he acted accordingly.

Turned my heart beat, to stones

in me.


Till I am a doll, not me.

Just legs and arms

Which, at your will are easily disarmed.


I had a name in my heart, worth

more than its sound.

My porcelain visage, you threw to the


To reveal the inflatable doll I became.


And so, in due course, I gave into the

force, as the first stroke had done all the damage,

had paid the full cost.


So I did it again, my face set in a mask of confusion,

smile set, to mask the hysteria within, that I hadn’t

a clue, what to do with.


Most of me had left the room.

had left me behind,

To be a flexible, realistically faced



Whose purpose is to let you dive into me.


You had destroyed me.


So there was nothing left to loose.

One response to “Virginity, Watch and Read”

  1. It took me eight years to find the words to document this event. Had to share! Its a huge weight off my shoulders to know Ive definitely
    moved on enough to speak up. Hope you enjoy.


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