It stood.
I say it stood, not sat, not lay.
On one flat tyre, four steadying stones,
Heavy laden, but stable.

It stood, arms outstretched, none to reciprocate.
a centre piece in itself,
It stands open with promise for a new day.

Green, glimmering apples, bananas fit to bite,
Mangoes, Skuma Wiki, fresh pineapples, the like.
It stands offering these timeless delights.
Although, itself not entirely upright.
It stands.

It displays this tantalising beauty
without justification or resentment.
It simply stands, each item placed
perfectly against the next.
Articulately positioned as though, they arrived
through appearance, not on
tired backs, and sweat tainted brows.

‘Admire me’ he whispered, ‘come buy from me’
he said.
I could only admire, at that time, his blatant brilliance,
framed by mud, smoke and cement.

The picture stays on with me,
I did not meet its creator that day.
I did however, meet his art,
However unlikely it is, that he thinks of it that way.

And I do wish, that I had what it would take.
To buy him a new frame.

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