In The Rain

To breathe the air,

You push out of your way when you move,

deepest pleasure.

The winds inside,

A Storm.

To see your eyes happy

indescribable treasure,

If only my own eyes could withstand

whats rong.

To live thinking we have

‘happy ever after’

A fantasy too heavy,

To ever hold smiles or laughter.

I had my finger in the dike for so long,

That my song has been sung

and my dizzy head’s swum.

Now I’m empty,

but for beautifull,

and painfull memories

A vesle in which,

almost all hope is gone.

I’ll just wait for the day,

when waking up doesn’t feel like disaster,

Cos beside me I can’t feel your warmth.

Eight months down the line,

That day’s yet to come.

But my hope, what little’s left,

is the light,

its my charm.

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