Stand up.

Stand up and fight for me,
Don’t we, drink the same coffee?
We come from the same place so please,
Stand up and fight for me.

Stand up and fight for me.
I paid your daughters high school fees.
Treated your son, when he couldn’t breath.
Gave your pregnant wife good things to eat.
Stand up and fight for me.

Stand up and burn for me.
Light fires high for all to see,
Convince the world that I should lead.
Without you no one else perceives,
That you stood to burn for me.
If fire catches your roof too, breath.
Not to worry, I’ll still succeed.
Cos you stood up to burn for me.

Stand up and rape for me.
Her brothers will understand the deed, you see.
It’s wasn’t lust, you are agree.
So you were forced to
Stand and rape for me.

Stand up and kill for me.
So that diplomacy won’t touch me.
Because we are of the same creed.
So, even if I fail, you’ll bleed for me.
And our blood flows together.
We stood up tall, when you killed for me.
So stand up and fight for me.




Watch Performance.



Ndio, lugha, tunazo nyingi.
Neno zinge kuwa shillingi,
Tunge kuwa zote matajiri.

Tusi jilinganishe na mti,
Mwenye tuna muona kwa runinga,
Ati matawi zake na zangu za fanana rangi.
Jilinganishe na Jirani.
Mwenye ana eza kutunza watoto,
Tukienda kazi.
Siku ijayo, nikikosa.
Ndye atanisaidia chumvi.

Bega kwa bega,
Tunayo nguvu ya kuhakikisha uhai ya amani.
Tusikubali kuwa nyasi,
Ndovu zikipigania Udume.
Vijana tuungane, wewe na mimi,
Ili kesho tukule, leo, tulime.


Watch Performance.


I Think It And.

I think it, and I make it so.
I plant a seed, want it to grow.
I think it, and I make it so.

There lies a road ahead I must follow.
Through priceless sunrises,
Deep mud, I’ll run, I’ll crawl.
Challenges were made to make me.
More than any easy road.

Things are alright right now,
But they’ll get better and they’ll get worse.
Asking heaven for the blessings of determination and resilience.
I think it and I make it so.

I think it and I make it so,
I had big dreams, sitting at my little desks.
Glancing out of big windows,
As I penned down word for word.
Trying to paint a picture that could leave a thumb print with the world.
Day by day, I do my best.
I think it and I make it so.

I plant the seed, and I help it grow.
With Gods grace and hard work,
I think it and I make it so.


I think about you when i shouldn’t be.
When I’m ment to be in the beat.

I’m thinking about you.

I’m speaking my own words, trying to be myself around you. But it doesn’t work,
because when im around you, you are all I see.
You contain my deepest hope, everything I put to words.

If I took your heart I’d be a woman.

Or maybe your what I need to want to be who I need to be.
To be who i need to be tomorrow.

If so, I hope im who you need to take you where you need to follow.
I hope at least, that I can help you grow.
That I can lead you out that shadow.

I Have To.

I write because this country!
So full of strong hands and legs!
Has not enough roads on which to provide
for the needy, enough flour or bread.

I have to write! Because this land!
Of flowing milk down drainage pipes,
where officials must murder and dispose of innocents to earn their stripes.
Is also filled with beautiful babies,
whose eyes inspire their parents to do what’s right.
Whose clothes hang on the orifices of claustrophobic stone cages that rise,
to contain quietly tomorrows unknowing sunrise.

I have to write, to be who I am.
To let others know that they can.
On paper, I can reveal dove or ram.
I can hope for a better tomorrow.


I took a minute, to look at a brook,
cascading resiliently, down, around
and down and around.
Intuitively, it knows it must go on, it must go down
and it must sometimes go around.
Down and around, up and around;
as it does in the hot sunshine.
It rises
and sometimes around
Then up.

That surety is beautiful, an
ever present
note to us
from Mother earth.
Set target,
Overcome obstacles.
Aim fire.
Don’t stop.
Just up and around and up.
Don’t linger.
Just down and around and down.
Keep moving…