Are You Serious?

You asked me out to eat,

Sat me down, apron in lap.

Then popped out and left through the back.

Are you serious?

We were on a walk down the park.

Enjoying the trees,

When I turned round to catch a good whiff, off the breeze,

You were gone!

Are you serious?

Really? But I can’t seem

To gather, how serious you could be?

When I haven’t the chance,

to hear you talk to me.

So I’m pending dismissal, indefinitely

Are you serious?

I was leaning on you affectionately

So I couldn’t stand straight

Aside the vacuum you gave.

Every ring on my phone is an anticipation

Of the chance that there may be some conversation

I’m not very happy at all.

Time waits for no man, much less a girl.

So there happens to be more on my plate.

If I have it my way, peace will be made.

At least to admit that my heart did a swirl.

That there’s open passage to forgive.

That you put a smile in my world.


Be serious!

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