News For Sale.

“News For Sale!”, “News For Sale!”
‘I have a story here Sir.
Concerning your institution.
It should be airing today,
But, it is for Sale.’

“News for. Sale, News. For Sale”
‘I have some photos here Sir,
Set for the printer.
But I have bigger problems at home.
Been working this job, January to winter.
But they they still will not give me a raise.
So, if you think you could sort me out quicker,
I’m sure we can silence the slaves.’

“News for. Sale, News. For Sale!”
How are we to know what is going on!?
When the records are burned at the press?
You! Who sells out the country, then gets shocked by images coming fromCNN and BBC.
Should be sold too.
For what you sell us out for.
Or more likely

Invisible fingers trace boundaries to our knowledge.
As they steal us, with psychological captivity, In ignorance not stupidity, so we, should name and shame these folk. Who successfully imprison our thoughts.

Who are you?!
Who sells my news?
I’d like to know your name.
I would like to remind you,
We have children too.
Does that price tag cover your blame?
This is no Game!!
Where is my cut?
From the pain that you shame?

We turn in reverence to the news.
To be told of others views and shoes.
Please tell us all of the truth.
You have the opportunity to be a modern hero.
If you lose that aim.
All of us lose.

Dear Journalist,
We know the world is full of walls.
But there will be real hope, for a truly free country,
If we can count you as one of We.

The mirrors across the road.

I have the opportunity, once a month to ask people what they think about Kenya.
It’s an anticipated pleasure.
I was surprised by how much we agree on.
Last night, there was a coincident of a sentiment that has been bouncing around my mind with it’s resonance.

Our politicians represent us, reasonably accurately.

As a working nation, we tend to get on with our lives with resilience. Caring with little commitment for our own sentiments. We seem to think about the problems that affect us in a detached theoretical way. As though everything around us is SEP (Someone Else’s problem) and someone else’s fault.

We wait until it’s literally too late to feel motivated to a point of action. Consequently, the only action we end up taking is raving discussions behind theoretical closed doors within which we feel safe to be blatantly honest (in our siting rooms, bars or online). A process which reinforces stereotypes, serves to propagate propaganda and heightens negative emotions rather than pursuing reconciliation or debating solutions.

Rather than meet the problem, we beat around the bush chanting messages that are intended to ward off ghosts of imaginary scapegoats.

Really quite sad.

All in all,  We are selfish, in nepotistic, cronieistic kind of way. I believe that stems from the shadows of our helplessness, which entirely understandable. I do it too.

Trouble is that, that won’t do. Not if you hope like I do, for better roads, constant water,effective drought management, etc.

For any constructive goals to be achieved, we have to be the change we want to see.

This Is Kenya, Event Stats.

Last Two TIK editions have given us some statistics.

Our Top Hates are:
In First Place: Polititians
2nd: Traffic
3rd: Corruption and Tribalism Drew.

Our top loves:
1st: The Kenyan People
2nd:The Women
3rd: Kenya itself
4th: The weather, the countryside, the diversity of Cultures and the good life all drew.

So We love each other!
Come and represent, we want to know what you think of Kenya, while we listen to Kenyan Music, and songs we love thanks to Nthiweezy and have a a good week wind down with spoken word.

This Thursday, We also have a treat appearance from Kennet B, who just released his new album – New Earth!