Sometimes I Feel Tired

We had an uprising, without a solution.
We had violent demonstrations, without a revolution.
We have an open wound that needs ablution,
and has little to do with an incomprehensible constitution.

We have selfish statues,
which stand by false statutes,
on mountains, unreachable for anyone with the right attributes.
Who have the money and the power, to
Put the media on mute about issues which affect,
Us, resolute to commute,
To find enough bread, so our babies have food.

We have zealous protectors, who run around
In white defenders, who are powerless to defend us,
from our leading
So before the silence ends us,
We must shout until it deafens us,
Be heard by all who try to oppress us.
Because, despite our strength in numbers.
We’re Invisible.
When Quiet.
So before we pick up our self pitty,
And try to drown in it.
Get up!

Stand up!

Get up, and do

Something… About it.


Watch Performance.

3 responses to “Sometimes I Feel Tired”

  1. My earliest linguistic and activist inspiration. My Hero, Dr. Seuss wrote:

    Unless someone like you
    cares a whole awful lot,
    nothing is going to get better.
    It’s not.


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