I looked for my front porch the other night.

Longingly, wandering about the feeling of being home at last.

But I stumbled past

shady trees, which held my sight.

Mockingly pretending, they would shield the rain,

take on the lightening blasts.


I grazed my knees on acacia thorns, discarded by tall vagabonds,

Resiliently I hoped, my persistence could lead me further on.

But, you aren’t home, until your home.

And makeshift huts cant keep you warm for long.

So lost I was, for what felt like infinity.



I found the stairs, the mat and keys,

waiting for my tattered knees, to walk into the arms of my four walls.

Now I can fall,

on cushioned, strong, loving


That I feel and know are sure.

Ive found my cure.

Not false allure,

But, honest, surety

in which I have all the the strength,

to be



Thank you, for meeting me,

Home sweet home.


I’m happy.

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