My Ditches Have Roads

My lakes have grass

And my roads have water

Not enough reforestation

But it seems to be fine,

That the best dug out holes,

Are on hazardous inclines.


My lakes have grass

My roads have water

As we weave off the edges

Of what should be dual carriage

To bypass the ditches which cross the tesfault

Behind a loud speakered

Rav 4 telling me who to vote for

In the next poles.


My view points have ditches,

And my ditches have roads

Because the people I pay for

These privelidges, cant even

Afford to google which

Way water flows.


When Id like a promotion,

I have to work harder.

But my civil employees seem to think its ok for

My lakes to have grass,

My roads to have water,

My view points to have water,

And my ditches to have roads.

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