You Work For Me

You work for me.

And I’m tired of seeing,

my countrymen bleeding, for the sake of your fees.

See, you work for me,

But I can not believe in your incompetent grinning,

at my nations needs.

You work for me inadequately.

Selfishly stabbing our unity.

Spitting at the beauty in diversity.

Disrespectfully rubbing dirt in the wounds which it should be,

your duty  to heal for our children’s prosperity.

Don’t we drive on the same roads? you’d rather take on loans?

Or aren’t you here too?

Do you work for me?

Not the other way round?

When you mess up, its your job to with shame,

face  the ground.

To get  up and  run, when any warning bells sound.

Not measure your cocks  for some heat beaten crowd.

You don’t care what parties I go to,

Why should I care the other way round?

Which schools will you build? Where and how?

Can’t you feel the vibrations? My lakes suffocation?

Can’t you see your reflection? before we all drown?

You Work For Me.

Do your job! Get it right!

My land is filled  with resources,


Do the job you’ve got now,

before you start applying,

for promotions, with notions

of wasting more of my time.

You Work For Me.

Just in case you forgot it.

My anger is past the point where I lost it.

The time has now come.

To  get real.

Or Forfeit.

2 responses to “You Work For Me”

  1. i gotta say, when you sent me the link, i rushed to specifically look for this, ever since i saw you do it on “sentimental spot” i totally fell in love with this piece.


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