Just A Girl

Im just a little girl,
Making noise on a stage.
I had no idea, two years ago, that i would never be the same.

Im just a little girl who crawled up on your stage,
With no idea how my heart would jump, when i saw a Chang in your face.

Just a little girl, no fame and no grace,
Thoroughly ticked off my my Mps lying games,
I got up and confessed. That my finger tips and wrist don’t know how to rest.
As a means of expresion,
I’m blessed, but in a country with a non specific definition of incitement im stressed.

I’m just a little girl,
But that doesn’t make less,
My gratitude at being allowed
to do what I do best.

I was just a little girl,
When i got up the nerve,
To shout about what pisses me off in this world.
Maybe now im a woman,
Craving a day when my country is open, to the potential,
That our fallen freedom fighters died for.

Im just a little girl.
Putting on a brave face.
To get attention TV taught me I’d need cleavage and lace.
Instead i stripped my heart,
And wear my soul in ny gaze.

I hope from my deepest part that you will be amazed.
At my blatant nudity as the blood flows from my grazes,
I dip my nib in today,
And scrawl across paper.

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