I’m Here

I’m here.

To sing a song of strength

Of which history bears testament.

Here to speak up and be present,

The evidence of her resilience.


I’m here to chop down the tree,

Whose seed, I wasn’t in time to bite,

To eat, so it would never have sprouted.


Here to kill the tree, whose bark,

Covered with rot, has lost its spark.

Whose fruit has never seen the light of day.


This tree who shades her from her light,

Who shields her from

Her ancient might!

This trees name, is victimization.


I’m here right now. To shout at her,

That we may yield a serrated, saw.

And banish it forever.

Without it we are Mother Earth.

Our fertile, minds,

To our world, give birth

To love

To hope

To continuity.

5 responses to “I’m Here”

  1. This piece didn’t make the cut for Speak. Only because I find it to be one that would be more poignant as a performance piece. Its still one of my favorites though. 🙂


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