The time has come where your neighbours matter.
Looking after your environment is important, because we’re very close together.

In the mystical historys we imagine, where we lived free to roam with the giraffs and had day jobs that involved allot of lounging. -For the purpose of fantacy, we like to leave out infant mortality rates-. In the fantasy, tribes lived side by side, with the occasional raid that facilitated the stealing of girls between tribes like the Maasai and Kikuyu. My Great Grandma (Maitú) tells me that some of her age mates wanted to be stolen.. and were. One of my Grandmas (Cúcú) best friends, was originally Maasai, but was stolen and married to a Kikuyu. Most of these stories don’t appear to have bad endings, bearing in mind that these women grew up to be respected mothers and grandmothers in the new communities. I digress… in those times, the populations of people and distribution of land, both for people and animals was expansive.

Our neighbours were far.

Today, were can not afford the illusion, that our neighbours problems, are not our own.

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