We Are!

When you laid to Rest,

In Peace,

The voices, of my brothers, my sisters,

My children.

You turned the voices of the living,

into the song of the Sikoki,

Birthed, in Kenya.


When you stole my momentary security.

you laid in stone, the solidarity,

with which

We Are One.


When you loved your mission,

before the lives of our children,

You proved

To the One God who made us All

with our different languages and interpretations.

that , You Are WRONG!

and just in case it slipped your attention,

We are ALL Kenyan.


From the one who first set foot on our soil the night before,

To those who first arrived leather clad, to the sisal skirts.

From the ones who built our railways,

To the ones who build our roads



Our land is one of,



You spat our hospitality.

And still.

Without the shadow of a shadow…

We are undoubtably



You thought you could hold us in your fist.

But your prejudice hasn’t the space to fit,

The love for all, we bring

To Give.


And our blood will flow in hospitals,

from the healthy to the healing

Until the skin under your knee caps SING!



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