At The End Of The Day

And at the end of the day,
We celebrate your protection.

In the mornings, we clean,
We like to shine, because, we like the way it makes you smile.
We glow, in your attention.
Your laughter, our medicine.

As the sun outs, we go out, to compliment what you bring home,
To set up pretty on our table.
The type of women; we wont shy off, from going dutch,
We know, that together, you’re the ’ more’,
And we’re the ‘much’.
When we pull together, we are, a lot.

When the sun finds its centre, in our sky,
We should know, that even a passer by,
Will let us pass, as; by the way,
We’re all caught in the same struggles.
The roads are bad and times are hard.
There’s too much at the top and not enough at the bottom.

When the day is closing,
When the smog is rising,
We are all under the same heat,
Whether it’s under a coat
or sunshine on skin.
And all hope that tomorrow is easier than today
To grow up in.

When it’s the end of the day, whether it’s your arms, your roof or your heart that we rest in,
We want to trust you, and mostly know that,

The strength in your shoulders would carry our tears,

The ridges and mounds of your biceps will bare our shields,

That when we are faced with injustice, you will not yield.

That, when we are defenseless, you wont disown

That, you would save us from being stoned.
And at the end of the day,
We celebrate your protection.

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