In Search Of Womanhood (I)

It started with a ‘ballerina’ dress,

Not a real one,


The skirt would spread,

When I spun, round and round.

When I would sing along to the radio,

“I’m honey, honey honey honey…”

Why the singer thought she was honey,

Only she knew best.

When “Shilalalalalong…

Was an extra zealous aerobics instructor,

in my head.

Ariel was my role model,

If she could become human,

Then I could be a little mermaid.

And true loves kiss could save me from anything!
Teenage hood came,

I could so easily have been named a slut from all the songs I’d sing.

I watched TV, and wanted to be

The kind of woman my crush had a crush on…

So, I had to have a pony tail, the kind they sell.

So it would wave,

As I sashayed,

In that first imaginary throw back skirt

I’d seen on the reggaeton video girls,

And wished for those sneaker high heals,

As I tried my best to be a down A** B****.

I had no idea I’d be attracting the kind of grown men,

whose liking for teenage taste,

let my hip hop inspired dress code say

that I was not chaste.

Setting the perfect stage for date rape.
But attention, is attention, and though

Beauty and the Beast seemed about the same age, according to Disney

They didn’t at first.

So who was I to say,

this man wasn’t looking for true love,

Like I was.
Happily ever after, was what I knew to dream after.

And youth can be less like a fountain, and

more like a treacherous sea,

For a little girl.

2 responses to “In Search Of Womanhood (I)”

  1. Sure.. Teenage girls, just want to be grown up girls. But because our society doesn’t stop young and old men from preying on that naivety, you end up with a large number of statutory rape and teenage pregnancies. Its sad, but the default reaction to cases of sexual predators, the perpetrator is casually labeled ‘team fisi’ the victim is thought of as; ‘not brought up right’, ‘asking for it’… The shame of these circumstances is lumped onto the victims, without really looking into the world, that girls are growing up in, and rarely condemning the adult in the situation.
    I was once told that one in every three girls is forced into her first time having sex. That’s a huge percentage. We do not discuss it openly though, because we are taught to blame ourselves first, and that shame, is too much to share.


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