Be Strong

Be strong, when he hits you.
At least you don’t have broken bones,
Like that woman I saw at Kenyatta.

Be strong, at least he didn’t burn
you with hot oil,
leaving skin splattered.

Just be careful what you say.
You love him, don’t you?
He takes care of you?
Well, good.
So be strong enough to hold your tongue,
When he doesn’t answer the phone for the whole weekend,
and wont come home,
Because, he is a man.

They are fragile,
So you, have to be strong.
Bite your tongue, until it
bleeds iron tasting kisses, onto him.

He needs you.
And he needs you, to be strong.
Especially when, you
Have nothing left,
To be strong with.

Even when
He lavishes that younger version
of you with roses,
with the thorns cut off,
and leaves the thorns in your
pillow to absorb your sobs.

Be strong,
Get up,
Pick them out, one by one
And when your thumb bleeds,
Write him a love letter.

Be the woman who was
always there.
Despite everything.

And then, maybe
You will find

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