Love Kenya, Just A Little Bit

And for heavens sake,
Don’t Litter.
Unless you want your children,
To raise their children,
In a dustbin.

I don’t mean just throwing
Bottles out your car window.
I mean, become mentally conscious
Of the amount of waste you purchase,
And where the trucks that take it go.

Upper class to middle class Nairobi,
I have news for you.
The next time the thought crosses your mind that
Kibera looks like a dump site,
It’s quite probably yours.
All our waste is in the same place
And the people there excel
In any case,
Can you not see what Treasure
That indicates,
Our wealth is The Kenya People.

But Nairobi culture dictates,
That the thing to do
Is take and take
So, instead of moving forward,
We stagnate.
Just jams caused by drivers who,

The moment you grab land,
You buy a plot for your destenants unmarked graves.
And i not mean just throwing ethnically insulting jokes on memes
I mean, become mentally conscious of the amount of hate you dissipate
And what could be achieved if kindness took it’s place .

And for heavens sake.
Don’t litter!
Unless you want your children
To raise their children in a dustbin .

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