Lessons From My Daughter

Because you are a miracle,

And because you are breathing,

And because you are safe.

I never imagined how much I would learn from you.

True, even today,

Sitting on the life we have lived,

Were we to share it,

They would never want to imagine it could be true


You are warrior, instilled in,

By things that are not right.

And I was trying to do what I thought was best for you,

That ideal home,

Lead by head and neck,

Yet, I achieved the opposite.

You taught me, that children protect their parents too

What you hid, from me, thinking, it would hurt me,

As it does, to know how much you were hurting,

You were too young to carry that kind of burden.

And I failed you. I even got roped into reacting negatively,

To your cries for help, while trying to shield you,

I wound up inflicting more on you.

And you loved us still, through all this,

But I wish only, to make it up to you.

To keep you safe,


And I wish, that the powers that be,

   did not so easily confuse me for a liar.

Based off of truths, they just aren’t ready to hear.

And they may take, you back, to spaces we escaped.

Even though, I ran for no other reason, than to save you.

And to keep sane. We have to remember that, that is a possibility.

This world is crazy.

The adults, to be kind to themselves, choose disbelief.

Choose not to hear, while children, brave their worst fears.

And you are brave.

You are the bravest woman I have ever met.

And you inspire me.

And I will do everything I can for you,

For as long as I breath.

Because you are a miracle,

And because you are breathing,

And because you are safe.

And I pray thanks every day,

  that that’s true,

And I pray please every day

  that it stays that way.

4 responses to “Lessons From My Daughter”

  1. RE “this world is crazy”
    Right, everyone “knows” the world is crazy (which always “conveniently” means the world/OTHER people, usually the governing authorities, are crazy but not they themselves, of course). Yet no one typically offers an good explanation on why the world is crazy.
    Have you ever wondered WHY the world is crazy? How do you explain it intelligently? Do you have a coherent explanation for the craziness of the world that makes sense (religious fantasies are obviously excluded because they only “make sense” and are “valid” to fantasy lovers but never to reality-based truth-seekers)?
    The WHOLE big picture (not just a part of the big picture) that makes up the human condition, that explains the craziness of the world (if you ever genuinely wondered WHY it is that the world is crazy), that describes human conduct over millennia is the hegemony of the 2 married pink elephants in the room and has never been on clearer display than with the deliberate global Covid Scam atrocity — see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” … https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html
    Isn’t it about time for anyone to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the human rabbit hole — rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant and play victim like a little child?
    “2 weeks to flatten the curve has turned into…3 shots to feed your family!” — Unknown
    If you’re in the US and your employer mandates the toxic/lethal COVID jabs, register to receive a free “Medical Exemption Certificate” at https://drgastonmedicalexemption.com or https://lc.org/exempt

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