Then let the star be.

You order a star, the fruit of the season,

You want her to appear here and now.

Yes, we know you are royalty,

We, too ready to please.

Attempt to fulfill your spoken needs.

But the star was not ready.

Not yet in full shine,

You wanted to rush her,

Yet the star has her time.

You order a star, all her glimmer and glam,

And you want her in front of you,

To fulfil your demands.

Make her kneel down, you say,

Tell her not to move

Tell her to sit on her haunches

 and stay in your tune,

And you ruined the star,

You did,

With your selfish directions,

Her flow was damned.

Her dress was soiled

By your required stance.

You order a star, you say,

Make her say this,

You diluted the majesty

 that flows from her lips.

And yes, you think,

You ordered a star.

But a star is not ordered,

A star is invited,

With patience, and niceties,

And stages well lighted.

And now, the star,

Is here as you ordered.

But she can not be, the star you had ordered

Because, you don’t order a star.

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