• Virginity, Watch and Read

    He was stronger. Read more

  • I’m not Sorry!

    I’m not sorry for my imperfections. I’m not sorry for my qualities. I’m not sorry that I’m beautiful, Not Sorry that I breath.   I’m not sorry for my heritage, my inadvertant, colour, visage. I’m not sorry that I turn a head or two, when I walk past.   Not sorry that my smile is bright […] Read more

  • Who is Raya Wambui?

    Raya Wambui wrote her first poem when she was only five years old, and has been writing consistently for fifteen years. She describes poetry as passion meeting purpose. She began performing her poetry five years ago, and fell completely in love with the opportunity it provided to interact directly with the audience. She believes that […] Read more

Raya Wambui

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