Post Partum, Why Share The Journey?

Woof! It may sound strange, but I’m really happy to be alive.

Some may say there was no reason to be worried. As someone who has been through anxiety, I know how useless those sentiments can be.

Motherhood is all encompassing, it can swallow a person whole. Between planning and execution a mother can easily forget herself and prioritize her family, to extents that affect her health in every way. This phenomenon has been commented on by many prominent wives and mothers including Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Anxiety, hypertension, depression and burn out are just some of the repercussions of this, that many mothers suffer.

So here I am. I’m typing about worries I’m not supposed to have, in between glances at our baby’s crib, she’s sleeping soundly. I would like to share my post partum journey, in its rough form. In this first post, I need to tell you why.

This is my second time round. During my first post partum journey, I can now say honestly that I struggled mentally, emotionally to come to terms with the changes in my body. Queue the judgment… I didn’t talk about it, and all the people around me would say I had bounced back and have ‘nothing to worry about’.

Then I had a stroke of unlucky luck. I’ll need to rewind a little to tell how I came by it.

My first labour was longer than the average, a total of thirty hours were spent in the first stage of labour, of these hours, twelve were induced medically. Insufficient dilation, many hours of being told not to push yet, many hours of not being able to breath. Many hours of crushing strain on my back bone.

This was heavily unlucky for me, because my profession, and even the job of being a mum, had serious demands on my back. Months after the delivery, the pain would stab me unexpectedly, several times a day, it made bending and carrying things so so difficult. And this stroke of bad luck, forced me to make a move I probably wouldn’t have.

I had to work out.

A client and friend managed to impress on me, the importance of core strength in healing the spinal column. Once I understood that, came the lucky part.

It turned out she was right. Not too long after I started working out again, my back pain stopped, and I’ve never looked back since :). I still had my katummy, but I was strong, and feeling so much more capable of life.

Me at 8 weeks pregnant. Not yet showing.

It wasn’t until two years later, when I met Sean T’s Hip Hop Abs work out that I discovered a physical freedom which even surpassed even my pre-pregnancy body ideals. That is when I began to look around and note, that when it comes to core building, your lower abdominal muscles are your corner stone. Lower core muscles are everything. You need them to do so much, and strengthening them increases get up and go energy, like crazy.

All this low pressure feel good exercising has kept me in shape, but it happens that just before my recent pregnancy I was doing some focused ab work and was almost at a four pack. Please bear this in mind when viewing photos.

Trying on my mums old jeans. Just before getting pregnant. I was doing an ab challenge that I’ve shared on the gram.

This time I am super confident, my tummy isn’t worrying me even in the slightest, so I look forward to sharing the ways I got there the first time, and taking you with me on my post partum journey from baby number two.