To Silence

So, as silence sings her lullaby’s,
Silence steals her bed at night.
Silence teaches how to smile without
her eyes.
Her alibi, is silence.

So as silence scrubs clean panties,
Silence names girl six
as its’ abandoner.
Girl six is now a prisoner of
repeated testimony, public shame
a shameful story,
Is her namer, as whistle blower.
Had she chose silence, the number would climb further,
Maybe reaching sixteen?

So, silence is consent given,
As saying yes, would make any her
a heathen.
In our ideology of morality,
Silence is the right answer.

I will question all this silence!
If it names me slut, I will not wither,
As the punishment of slander shrivels
in comparison to my fear
That this could happen to my
baby, or my sister.

Silence! You are not my master!
Silence! You are not my Mister!
You have not given any gold or silver
To my ring finger!
Nor would I accept it!

Time To Tell -An Ode To The Amazing Fathers Of This Wold.

It’s a shame, your light is shadowed
over by, whispered domestic war stories,
with more guts than glory.
When your fellow dads
Abandoned their homes for younger love stories.

Its sad, that those who rise to the occasion of single parenthood,
Will hear more blame for absent counterparts,
Than compliment for their part.

From playgrounds,to churches, to chamas,
The women with positive stories of learning how to ride bikes, or drive cars
Are hushed by a cry out for Babas who,
Whether present or absent, may have well
been on Mars.

So, its time you were called out,
Amazing fathers of the world
You who worked through the pressures of
Right house
Right school
Right food
And didn’t dwell on the temptations of the
Right clubs and bars.

When you didn’t know what to do with my hair,
But did your best anyway.
When you showed my brother how to hold a pen,
and colour in
or me how bicycle cogs need greasing
and when.

When you held back from over protecting,
Kept track of which music I was listening.
Had to budget for Christmas,
And explained it to me.

Kept calm and listened, when I was bristling
With the outbursts, christened in by teenage emotions.
When you tried to give me a compliment or guidance
And it hurt.
When you repeatedly
Instilled in me
That to live right,
I have to work.

When the way you’ve lived your life, made me burst with pride
When someone said
I look just like you.

And I think it possible, that more harsh words
Than kind,
Reach for you,
As a Dad.
So its time to speak my mind.
You’re Amazing!