I looked for my front porch the other night.

Longingly, wandering about the feeling of being home at last.

But I stumbled past

shady trees, which held my sight.

Mockingly pretending, they would shield the rain,

take on the lightening blasts.


I grazed my knees on acacia thorns, discarded by tall vagabonds,

Resiliently I hoped, my persistence could lead me further on.

But, you aren’t home, until your home.

And makeshift huts cant keep you warm for long.

So lost I was, for what felt like infinity.



I found the stairs, the mat and keys,

waiting for my tattered knees, to walk into the arms of my four walls.

Now I can fall,

on cushioned, strong, loving


That I feel and know are sure.

Ive found my cure.

Not false allure,

But, honest, surety

in which I have all the the strength,

to be



Thank you, for meeting me,

Home sweet home.


I’m happy.


Disbelief engulfs me,

Lovingly embracing me,
smothering and drowning me
As I drift, lonely.

Had no idea, I was that vulnerable.
No idea I was at risk.
No plan to face, this kind of twist.
and, knowing me,
An end to love doesn’t exist.
Never learned to put it in past tense.

So here we go,
Again heartbroken.
Without the claim to say I was stolen.
I must have gotten onto my own rollercoaster.
Gone off with my fantasies of you.
Without you.
Because if you were who I thought I knew.
You would not have deserted my view,
Without warning.

So I’m stagnant in this pain that’s soaring through,
The hopes you built and tore through.

I did.
I expected more of you.

Life being what it is, it must go on.

Tumbling on.
Oblivious to the cracks in the earth that
That spread apart my path.

So on, it is.
There’s corn to mill.
There’s cows to milk
There’s morning dew.
Life will always have spaces to fill.
There are sadder thoughts,
Than you.

So on we go, individually.
As I dangle.


This Is Kenya, Event Stats.

Last Two TIK editions have given us some statistics.

Our Top Hates are:
In First Place: Polititians
2nd: Traffic
3rd: Corruption and Tribalism Drew.

Our top loves:
1st: The Kenyan People
2nd:The Women
3rd: Kenya itself
4th: The weather, the countryside, the diversity of Cultures and the good life all drew.

So We love each other!
Come and represent, we want to know what you think of Kenya, while we listen to Kenyan Music, and songs we love thanks to Nthiweezy and have a a good week wind down with spoken word.

This Thursday, We also have a treat appearance from Kennet B, who just released his new album – New Earth!