Night Terrors

My family, is huge,
There are so many husbands and even more wives.
My dad had to build us a whole neighborhood,
Because of his family’s size.
We kids, are too many to count, though we’ve tried.
But before we finish counting, more kids have been born,
more kids have died.

There are times, when a hand full of us would go out,
just to shop, or to school, and bullets ended their lives,
but for the most part, our terrors, are more likely a job from inside.
You see, our family is too big to get on. And our names too easily divide.
Those named on dads side, start with W, and those named after mums, have their own letters.
From my mum, the boys are O and the girls are A, So they call my mum Mama O
Then there’s Mama L, Mama S, Mama K, and Mama M.
A long time ago, before our Mamas were born, all the families fought in a war.
They fought together, but when it was over, Dads family got the most.
And so, out of inequalities, a feud was started,
between those who did, and didn’t share in the spoils.

Our night terrors are nasty. Once, Mama, my mama had twins, named from dads side,
And they went over to our cousins to spend the night. They were only five.
In the night, our cousins did unspeakable things to little Winnie, on the floor by her bed side.
Then burnt both Winnie and William, in their room. They said the room had no use after they had spent the night.
Nine years ago, was the worst, all our houses became smoke
and blood, until, we were all told not to speak of it.
But in the night, these memories haunt, lips sealed, we see each other different.

The other day, we found toy tires, burning in the hall way.
Yes, we managed to walk around them. But the smoke, did well to remind
that burning and bleeding, are things that run in our family.
We are much more in danger, from within.
Than outside.

Stand up.

Stand up and fight for me,
Don’t we, drink the same coffee?
We come from the same place so please,
Stand up and fight for me.

Stand up and fight for me.
I paid your daughters high school fees.
Treated your son, when he couldn’t breath.
Gave your pregnant wife good things to eat.
Stand up and fight for me.

Stand up and burn for me.
Light fires high for all to see,
Convince the world that I should lead.
Without you no one else perceives,
That you stood to burn for me.
If fire catches your roof too, breath.
Not to worry, I’ll still succeed.
Cos you stood up to burn for me.

Stand up and rape for me.
Her brothers will understand the deed, you see.
It’s wasn’t lust, you are agree.
So you were forced to
Stand and rape for me.

Stand up and kill for me.
So that diplomacy won’t touch me.
Because we are of the same creed.
So, even if I fail, you’ll bleed for me.
And our blood flows together.
We stood up tall, when you killed for me.
So stand up and fight for me.




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Ndio, lugha, tunazo nyingi.
Neno zinge kuwa shillingi,
Tunge kuwa zote matajiri.

Tusi jilinganishe na mti,
Mwenye tuna muona kwa runinga,
Ati matawi zake na zangu za fanana rangi.
Jilinganishe na Jirani.
Mwenye ana eza kutunza watoto,
Tukienda kazi.
Siku ijayo, nikikosa.
Ndye atanisaidia chumvi.

Bega kwa bega,
Tunayo nguvu ya kuhakikisha uhai ya amani.
Tusikubali kuwa nyasi,
Ndovu zikipigania Udume.
Vijana tuungane, wewe na mimi,
Ili kesho tukule, leo, tulime.


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